The Nairobi Declaration: Inclusive Post 2015 Development Agenda for Persons with Disabilities in Africa

Persons with disabilities from 13 countries in Africa state that they are “..Encouraged by the growing awareness and political willingness following the adoption of the UN CRPD, as a human rights and development instrument, signed by 45 African countries and ratified by 35..”

The Nairobi Declaration Post-2015 Development Agenda targets:

Gender equality and women's empowerment

13. “..Girls and Women with disabilities are facing multiple discriminations in many areas of family and community life and are more exposed to violence..”  

14. “..We want the post 2015 development agenda to ensure that girls and women with disabilities are explicitly, adequately included and actively involved  in all programs and policies aiming at gender equality and girls and women’s empowerment..”

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