Janine Beukes - Gauteng

Janine Beukes - Gauteng Janine Beukes - Gauteng

I am 15 years old and was diagnosed with Congenital Myopathy at the age of 3 years. This is a disease that causes weakness throughout the skeletal muscle, meaning that my muscles cause me to become weak.

During 2011 I was also diagnosed with Scoliosis and as a result of this, I have been attending home schooling. I also do a course in web design and I attend computer classes. I love doing art, crochet work, needle work, mosaic and knitting.


I have recently become a Youth Ambassador for WAND (Women’s Achievement Network for Disability) for the Gauteng area. The aim of WAND is to raise the profile of disabled girls by raising awareness of the challenges and achievements of girls with disabilities.

I am looking forward to be part of the WAND network as I will be given an opportunity to learn many new things. I am especially looking forward to meet other young girls with mobility impairments so that we can form friendships and encourage one another.