12 Sep

Learning Blindness

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  • Some Musings After a Visit to the Ophthalmologist (and a weird bit about a mouse on a pencil)

      Oh dear, I really have neglected my poor blog this year. I remember a very excited (and clueless) Michelle being convinced that she’d have so much time to devote to her blog (amongst other projects) because, I mean, how much time would this whole PhD thing actually demand? Um, turns out quite a lot […]

  • So, How Are Your Eyes?

    Recently I bumped into (no, not literally, thank you, yes very funny) someone who I haven’t seen in a while (again, yes, hilarious). Not a close friend or even someone I’d say I know particularly well but, nonetheless I was pleased to see them (stop it now). After the preliminary “how are you” enquiries he […]

  • On Blindness and the Freedom to Move

    The evening service at my church is over. I’m sitting in the front row of seats and waiting for my lift to come and fetch me. I can hear people moving around, chatting, getting coffee. The frustrating thing, I muse to myself, is that I probably know a lot of people here. I take my […]

  • Telling the Truth

    A few months ago I went to a small dinner party hosted by a good friend. I arrived and thought I did a pretty good job of greeting the other guests. I know my friend’s flat well and avoided the awkward pole in the middle of the floor with relative ease. Barring a brief moment […]

  • Saluting My Teaching Assistants

    My first year of primary school was, to put it mildly, not so great. And yet, for all that it was one of the worst years of my life (and probably more terrible for my parents than I could ever have known at the time) I’m glad I experienced it. The reasons for this are […]

  • Plasters and Ponchos: a post not about blindness

    As I type this I am keenly aware of my thumbs, yes my thumbs. I have been since yesterday evening at around 6:30pm when I began methodically peeling the skin off the left one, first on the side right next to the fingernail  but then moving down towards the knuckle and over onto the soft […]

  • The ‘Slightly Smiling Face’ and Other Predicaments

    I’ve said this here before – over the past few years my life has been increasingly and positively impacted by technology. I was quite techno-phobic in my younger days, the thought of having to upgrade or replace something (a phone, a laptop, an assistive device) would fill me with dread rather than excited anticipation. Even […]

  • That Time I Broke Up With My Job

    Last month I resigned from my job. Despite the fact that I’d been wanting to leave for more than a year and felt strongly about my own development as well as a growing reluctance to be aligned with an organisation underpinned by a disability approach which I found pretty problematic, when it came time to […]

  • When Speech to Text Lets You Down

    I love my IPhone. There was a time when I thought I would never say that. For the first few months of getting used to a touch screen device I had to hold myself back from throwing it out of the window. But now, almost three years and 2 IPhones later I truly don’t know […]

  • Getting Older, Getting Blinder

    I was scanning through some of my previous posts when I came across this written about 18 months ago in the post, “10 Reasons Why Being Blind is Awesome”: “I also assume that I save quite a bit on make-up which I have no idea how to apply and never intend to try mostly because […]


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