Orion Organisation, Atlantis 

Laticia Duiker – Junior Supervisor 

Laticia DuikerLaticia is a woman that lives with epilepsy and because epilepsy is classified as a disability, she qualifies for a disability grant. She started to work in the Hanger-Cleaning Section of the Workshop for Adults with disabilities at Orion Organisation in Atlantis. 

She showed leadership potential since she started in in September 1986. Laticia advanced from a Cleaner to a Packer.  Because of continued development of her leadership qualities and personal growth, she was promoted to Junior Supervisor in February 2013.

Laticia is a dedicated and hard worker who unselfishly cares for others. For this she is respected by her colleagues with disabilities, clients and staff of Orion.  She sets an example to everybody by walking the talk.

About the Orion Workshop for Adults

The aim of the Workshop for Adults is to maximise the capacity of disabled people for independent living and to avoid the cycle of poverty, hence the focus on skills training and job creation. 

Orion’s Work Centres and work methods are well adapted to the disabled worker. It has the capacity for 150 disabled adults, and is staffed by 11 hands-on Supervisors reporting to a Production Manager. We have in the past secured a number of significant contracts such as recycling 20 000 plastic hangers per day for Hangerman/Woolworths and weighing of products for Bokomo Foods. We are also proud of our partnership with TRW Automotive Occupant Restraints, assembling various components (i.e. seat belts and air bags) forming part of their production line. Other contracts include Mondi Plastic Containers, Ysterplaat Medical Supplies, GUD Filters, etc

Individuals are taught about hygiene, workflow, time management, machine operation and safety across a variety of machines. Many of the high-functioning disabled learn a variety of skills including specialised packaging, basic numeracy and literacy, machine operating techniques, as well as exercising their fine motor control skills.

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