In this section we will share some challenges and obstacles that women with disabilities experience in the workplace. Persons with disabilities and especially women with disabilities often experience discrimination and prejudice in the workplace.  Sometimes disabled persons are judged by their physicality, the way they look.  This can be very deceiving as one cannot tell what a person with a disability is capable of by judging their appearance.  The same rule applies for persons without a disability.  The best way to check whether a person with a disability is capable of something, is to ask the person in a non-judgemental manner.  It is always safe to ask an open ended question, which allows the disabled person to provide an answer. 

Should disabled persons and women be employed in meaningful positions, they are good performers and loyal employees.  

Charmaine’s prejudice experience 

Below is an example of a woman with a disability who experienced prejudice by one of her clients.

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