Health Clubs

GymMany women and all persons with disabilities prefer to attend a gym to work out and get fit and healthy.  Fortunately some of the gyms are accessible (parking, lift to get to different floor levels, swimming pool hoist) which enables the disabled to access their service.

Here is some info of gyms that are accessible:

Virgin Active

Virgin Active encourages everyone to make use of their fitness and health services – this is what they state on their website “Everyone’s welcome at Virgin Active. Young or old. Fit or unfit. It’s all good.”
Most Virgin Active gyms are accessible as mentioned above.  Some of the Virgin Active gyms offers services such as a biokineticist, dietitian and physio.


A biokineticist is a health professional who can help you prevent and treat orthopaedic conditions and chronic diseases. They also do exercise testing for athletes and develop programmes for weight loss general fitness muscle strengthening toning and definition. (obtained from Virgin Active website)


Dietitians are all about giving you the tools, guidelines and knowledge to make better food choices. They find out what your eating habits are and what you want to change, then work out the best possible eating plan for you. (obtained from Virgin Active website)


If you’ve suffered an injury, been in an accident or just come out of surgery, a physiotherapist will help you get back up and moving again. They also support patients with permanent disabilities to prevent further damage and increase functionality. (obtained from Virgin Active website)

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