Wanderful Women - Introduction

MarleneWomen with disabilities often encounter prejudice and negative attitudes or have many barriers to conquer on their journey to achieve success and reach their life goals.  The world around us loudly shouts what physical beauty should look like and that anything less than this is not worthy.  

The focus is much more on the physical beauty than on the inner beauty and it omits to share the courage of disabled women and women in general.  Don’t get me wrong, of course women with disabilities also enjoy looking good and we do see ourselves as beautiful – but as long as we do not ONLY use the physical to feel happy and fulfilled.  We feel comfortable in our own skin and have learnt to accept ourselves and to live life fully.

In 2008 Marlene le Roux, wanted to perceptions with her book, called “Look at me”.  This book showcases the real life stories of 23 courageous, strong and sensual women with various disabilities in South Africa.  Some of the women were born with a disability, others was disabled through an accident or illness later in life.  ‘I realised from a young age that society puts people with disabilities in a box with an “ag shame” attitude and I felt I wanted to celebrate who I am – disability and all.’  ‘I realised that only a person with a disability can change the mindset of society.

Marlene says that the photographs and stories allow women to reflect on their challenges and their inner journey to personal self-mastery. 

Here are a few pictures and brief stories of women that is featured in the “Look at me” book.